Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Laurette Shaw

Anyone in the interior design industry is familiar with the name Carole Laurette Shaw. Having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design at the University of Georgia, she started her own design company called CLS Interiors. 

Laurette Shaw’s sense of design aids in her other business endeavors such as real estate construction and renovation design projects. During her travels she is always on the lookout for properties with potential that she could extend her expertise. For example, Laurette Shaw invested in the renovation of a historical 1906 home in Charlotte, NC recently. Also, she is very committed to her work with the Primestone Properties for the the redesign and construction of the Yards at NoDA in Raleigh, NC. Laurette Shaw has several other projects in Alys Beach, FL. The most recognized real estate venture thus far however, was a collaborative investment with husband James Shaw for the Wingover Ranch property in Keokuk. The property was purchased for $990,000 and has been transformed into a relaxing nature retreat for visitors. Laurette Shaw landed her design expertise in the Wingover Ranch lodge by implementing areas for guests to host wedding events, corporate meetings, and hunting expeditions. The Wingover Ranch features five bedrooms and several baths. In addition there is also an elegant bar area, living room space with walls adorned in wildlife and fine art, and dining views of the secluded stocked pond at Wingover Ranch. Laurette Shaw displays her giving heart in her philanthropy, donating to the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Circle of Care, and the Savannah College of Art and Design. When Laurette Shaw is not working, making charitable donations, or enjoying her family she loves to travel, boat, visit beaches, and play tennis and golf with husband and friends.

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Laurette Shaw

Carole Laurette Shaw is an interior designer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who was born and
raised in Savannah, GA. Beginning her education at Savannah Country Day School
then pursuing a BS in Interior Design Laurette Shaw solidified her future very
early on in her life. Now the owner of CLS Interiors, an interior design
company, Laurette Shaw uses her innate ability and educational background to
create unique home concepts to please various tastes. In addition to Laurette Shaw’s
adoration and talent in the interior design industry she is also actively
involved in several construction design and renovation design projects.

Currently, Laurette Shaw has two projects in Alys Beach, Florida, one project
with Great Guana Key – Bakers Bay, and lastly a collaborative project with J,
Davis Architects of Raleigh, North Carolina for the Yards at NoDA apartment
homes. Although Laurette Shaw’s real estate involvement is impressive, she is
most recognized for her philanthropy. In most recent years, Laurette Shaw and
husband donated 100 acres of land to the Savannah College of Art and Design’s
Equestrian team, providing a covered riding area to prevent the team from
having to cancel class due to inclement weather. 

Additionally, Laurette Shaw
has made significant donations to the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, the Children's
Healthcare of Atlanta Circle of Care, and various other community recognized
organizations. With Laurette Shaw’s many projects and philanthropic acts in her
off time she enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Time with her family,
traveling, boating, and playing golf and tennis maintain Laurette Shaw’s health
and love for outdoor sports.